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Co-op Fund Management Tools Explained

Co-op advertising represents a partnership between Brands and Retailers to share advertising costs. Fund Management Tools facilitate, optimise and manage these co-op advertising programs. 

They take on the vital roles of budget allocation, compliance monitoring and claim management. In doing so, they ensure brand compliance, providing digital asset management, performance analytics, fund tracking and content creation tools. 

Sesimi's total Brand Compliance, Fund Management and Content Automation ecosystem puts everything you need to be 100% compliant, right at your fingertips.

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Sesimi protects your Brand investment.

Intuitive Funds Management. Smart Compliance monitoring.

Instead of hastily cobbling together yet another Co-op/marketing Funds Management tool, Sesimi listened to the customer.

We collaborated, brainstormed and built a revolutionary set of tools from the ground up, perfectly tailored to modern brand compliance needs. Our primary mission? To redefine the realm of brand compliance and fund management.

Using the latest tech stack and a proven Brand Compliance monitoring system, we've streamlined the collaboration between brands and retailers, ensuring their joint advertising efforts are efficient and effective.

Sesimi's Secret Weapon

Creative Automation - the future of Brand Compliance.

Sesimi embraces a holistic approach to content creation.

Our unique technology allows everyone in a sales network (including head office marketers) to effortlessly access and craft their own content in real time, saving enormous amounts of marketing budget that can be reinvested elsewhere.

Extraordinary templating technology ensures that what's produced is 100% on-brand every time.

This is the future of Brand Compliance.


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Discover the Sesimi difference

Sesimi isn't just another piece of off the shelf martech -  it's a revolution in co-op and brand communications. With a blend of advanced tech and intuitive design, we're transforming how brands and retailers collaborate and go to market. Ready to step into the future? Join the Sesimi wave today.


Digital Asset Management

A 'single source of truth'  for all digital assets in all file formats, providing users with unparalleled search and retrieval speed.

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Creative Automation

 Revolutionary, Real Time templating technology - anyone can create anything, anywhere, anytime.

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Funds Management Software

Complete control and transparency for all users in a Co-op Sales environment to optimise marketing efforts.

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